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Space Warp is a jam-packed program leading up to the launch of Filecoin’s Virtual Machine on mainnet in March 2023. The program includes grants, a hackathon, a builders’ leaderboard, and more totalling over $400k in FIL tokens. Be among the first to build FVM and join the community showcase at the launch party early next year.

$75k across rounds

Impact Evaluator: Leaderboard

Register to join Impact Evaluator reward rounds, where the community votes on top projects to win prizes from a $75k prize pool over the course of 12+ weeks. Keep track of teams and their progress on the FVM Builders Leaderboard.

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$100k in FVM Microgrants

Acceleration / Continuation Grants

Wave 2 of FVM Microgrants are now open. Take your project to the next level with one of 20 x $5k grants available.

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Wave 2 open

$100k reward pool

Bulletproofing: FVM Community Bug Hunt

Starting with the launch of the preview of the Hyperspace testnet, participate in the 4-week FVM community bug hunting program. We welcome all security experts and developers to review FVM codebase and test threat models. Submit bug reports for review to enter the $100k reward pool.

Results to be announced

$150k+ in prizes

ETHGlobal FVM Hackathon

Register for our biggest hackathon yet for a chance to win a prize from a $150k+ prize pool. Running Jan 20 - Feb 10, 2023

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FVM Builders Leaderboard

FVM builders can showcase their projects to the community by entering the Impact Evaluator rounds, giving the team a chance to top the leaderboard and to win rewards from the $75k prize pool!

Rounds will run every two weeks until the end of March, where builders and FVM Subject Matter Experts will vote on top projects using Protocol Labs’ Impact Evaluator Tool.

Selected results:

Round 1: 54 projects (Jan 25-26)
Round 2: 68 projects (Feb 8-9)
Round 3: 71 projects (Feb 22-23)
Round 4: 81 projects (Mar 8-9)
Round 5: 42 projects (Mainnet-Gated - Mar 22-23)
Round 6: 51 projects (Mainnet-Gated - Apr 5-6)
All Rounds: 130 projects
Total Votes
1stFilecoin Solidity Libraries (by Zondax)242
2ndBeryx API (by Zondax)211
3rdBeryx Explorer (by Zondax)192
5thFilfox Team: Filfox explorer & FNS172
6thCreds Protocol153
7thSPex - A Storage Providers Exchange141
8thLagrange DAO138
10thBigData Exchange (BDE)125
11thMoment Swap (StorSwift)116
12thStarboard Dashboard & FEVM Explorer115

Need inspiration?

If you are looking for ideas on what to build, we have worked with both internal and external teams to learn what they are excited to see on FVM.

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Developer resources


Join us to be part of the growing FVM community, where you can engage with other builders, explore more opportunities, and learn about future FVM updates.

About Space Warp

Space Warp is a program to attract teams building dApps on FVM for its upcoming mainnet launch in March 2023. It includes acceleration grants and a hackathon with more than $400k in combined prizes. We want to enable superstar teams to build new applications that leverage the best of what FVM has to offer. You can learn more details about the different Space Warp program opportunities in the following blog post.

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